Creative Commons Licence Injector

Submitted by jimmy on Tue, 2009-09-15 13:32.

The following are some examples of the Creative Commons licence injector. Using software developed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the licence injector embeds copyright licence information into the metadata of an object and directly into the object itself.

Demonstrative files:

Brief description on Licence Injector

In addition to embedding the licence information into the metadata of the target files, the licence injector also provides additional features for certain filetypes.


The Licence Injector can inject a watermark of the licence injected on the top left corner of the image, as shown on both of the photos above. Note that the waterwark injection is non-reversible and will stay with the image even if the user decided to remove the licence information from the metadata in the future.

Word / PDF Documents

The Licence Injector can inject a badge of the licence injected anywhere on a page, and options are provide to display the badge on either the first, last or every page in the document. The badge will also act as a link that a reader can click on in order to be pointed to the relevant website that states the licence information in full.